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Warranty Information

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Warranty Period

The warranty periods begins on the date of the shipment leaves Kee Utility Korea. All items are with 2-year warranty period (it begins at date of the original invoice). The warrant period is not a result of an accident, physical damage and force of nature such as fire, floods, wars, earthquake and so on. Kee Utility reserved the rights to or not to repair for the “Out of Warranty” products or “Insubstantial Warranty”.

I. Under Warranty

A. Shelf Warranty (DOA) : Within 7 days after customer’s receipt of goods.

  1. 1.Items that can not function in normal way or have serious defect within 7 days of the original invoice date are eligible for Shelf Warranty (Dead On Arrival).

  2. 2.Items returned under Shelf Warranty will be replaced with the same model / type and versions. If the customer asks for different model / type and versions, the Shelf Warranty will be void.

  3. 3.Kee Utility will exchange products right away when we verify the actual defective reason.

B. Regular Warranty : Under 1 year warranty period.

  1. 1.Kee Utility doesn’t provide with any RMA Free Buffer. No Labors & parts will be charged (Warranty begins at date of the original invoice).

  2. 2.Customers make sure the goods returned to Kee Utility as faulty, and if the test in working condition may incur a labor handling fee even under warranty period.

II. Out-of-Warranty

A. Out of Warranty : Labors & parts and return shipment will be charged.

B. Insubstantial Warranty : It is not warranty service, which are excess the maximum warranty period.

  1. 1.That model has already been phased out over 6 months.

  2. 2.It is impossible to get the parts because of ceasing production of vendor.

  3. 3.It is impossible to repair or fix the problem because of technical reason.

Kee Utility RMA Process

RMA stands for “Return Merchandise Authorization”. Each RMA Case must first receive a RMA number which issued by Kee Utility. One RMA number will be issued per lot of retuned goods. The customer must use the following RMA procedure for filling warranty claims :

  1. 1.The returned goods must be identified and separated their RMA goods according to Shelf Warranty, Regular Warranty or Out-of-Warranty service terms. Kee Utility has the right of confirmation and justification of its accuracy. RMA goods have not labeled properly will be considered as Out-of-Warranty.

  1. 2. The customer must first fax or send an email of RMA Request form to Kee Utility. The RMA Request form should list the following information

  2. Customer name

  3. Contact person

  4. Apply date

  5. Telephone number

  6. Fax number

  7. Shipping address

  8. Product model

  9. Serial number

  10. Quantity

  11. Defect description for each item

Without above information, Kee Utility has right not to issue a RMA number to the customer.

  1. 3.Upon receipt of the RMA Request form, Kee Utility shall issue a corresponding RMA number.

  1. 4.RMA shipment shall be packed properly. The RMA lot needs to be dispatched within 2 weeks of the RMA number issue and include a copy of the RMA Request Form.

  1. 5.The customer needs to prepare an invoice and packing list for the RMA lot. The invoice should consist of an item-by-item list including each items serial number and approximate value for the Custom purposes. The invoice should correspond “item for item” with the RMA Request Form.

  1. 6.It is required the RMA number to be written on each shipping box. Returns must be shipped freight prepaid and insured. The return RMA shipment must be enclosed with Invoice and Packing List. Returns not match up all these conditions will be refused and returned at customer’s expense.

  1. 7.The RMA lot will be taken a visual inspection by Kee Utility. If the item or quantity is different from those listed on the RMA Request form, Kee Utility is not liable for this discrepancy. Should customer fail to send defective parts as specified, Kee Utility shall ask for the customer to adjust the difference before initiating the action of replacement or repairing.

  1. 8.All OEM/ODM incidences including minor changes to the product and any customer agreement with sales concerning spare parts will be considered as exclusive and independent of RMA policies.

Repair, Repacking and Service Charge

  1. 1.Out of Warranty - Products Return

  2. a)No matter what the products are in good condition or defected product, there will be a cost of labor testing fee and any change of components has to charge on material cost.

  1. 2.Under Warranty - Products Return

  2. a)If the defected products are not caused by man-made failure, the repairs and material cost will be covered by Kee Utility.

  3. b)If the defected products are caused by man-made failure, the customer will be charged of repairs and material cost.

  4. c)If no defects are found on the product, customer will cover a labor-testing fee.

  1. 4.Repacking

  2. a)If the customer asks for the RMA parts to be re-packing with the completely new package, Under Warranty and Out of Warranty – labors and cost of materials will be charged.

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