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Forget battery issues. Integrate your all telecommunication devices into iPhone.

The major feature of KEE Desk Phone Dock is to use iPhone as your one and only integrated wired desk phone. In the modern office and mobile environment today, traditional telecommunication tools such as landline phones or IP phones or PBX systems are being phased out because every information and function is integrated into iPhone. Now you can combine your all devices and iPhone into one convenient unit with KEE Desk Phone Dock. Your iPhone is the main telecommunication device you need in your office or home, especially if you or your business has a special service plan from your carrier. Some mobile services such as FMC(Fixed Mobile Convergence) make it possible to switch freely between cellular network and WiFi to use VoIP at lower cost. Further more, your iPhone is constantly charging, preventing any battery issues. KEE Desk Phone Dock is a brilliant solution for today’s smart office & home environment.


Equipped with two stereo speakers, KEE Desk Phone Dock can be used as a quality external audio. You can also easily access *3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack from the front side of KEE Desk Phone Dock to connect your headset, earphone or other audio devices. This jack acts like iPhone’s built-in jack which provides mic-in and remote.

*Only for model number K1229, K1429 series.

Charge & Sync

Integrated power adapter provides constant power to your iPhone via USB and electrical outlet simultaneously. KEE Desk Phone Dock always keeps your iPhone fully charged while using either of them. Data sync is also provided via USB port. This simple function gives you a great convenience. No more annoying plug switching or turing your PC on and off. Keep them connected and forget all others. The power adapter itself is connected to KEE Desk Phone Dock via single cable. You can keep your desk neat.

Speaker phone call and handset call

Switching between speaker phone call and handset call has never been simpler. Just picking up or putting down the handset of KEE Desk Phone Dock. Switching either way does not disconnect phone call unlike ordinary desk phones.

Instant muting

You can easily cut off any sound instantly and resume it by pressing the volume knob of KEE Desk Phone Dock. *White LED indicates the muted status. Neither party can hear the other when you’re on the phone in muted status.

*Only for white color models(K1229W. K1230W, K1429W, K1430W).


You can record phone calls, musics, and any other sounds coming from your iPhone on your recorder via 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack located at the front side of KEE Desk Phone Dock. This recording function works while you’re on the phone without disturbing your conversation.

*Only for model number K1230, K1430 series. Be careful. Recording phone calls without the other party’s permission is strictly illegal in some regions.

Understanding how the front side 3.5-mm stereo minijack works

The front side 3.5-mm stereo minijack works differently in accordance with models.

It works same as iPhone’s minijack. If you connect your earphone like the bundled one of iPhone to the front side 3.5-mm stereo minijack, iPhone works same as when you connect it to iPhone directly. KEE Desk Phone Dock does not make any sound. Speakers, handset, volume control and mute function from KEE Desk Phone Dock does not work when you’re using this port.

K1229 Series

K1429 Series

K1230 Series

K1430 Series

It works like line-out port. You can record any sound of iPhone including phone calls via this port. But it does not support mic-in and remote control. Volume control from KEE Desk Phone Dock affects both KEE Desk Phone Dock’s sound and recording sound.

Understanding KEE Desk Phone Dock function

KEE Desk Phone Dock supports its functions differently according to AC power and USB connection status.