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Designed for any generation of iPhone with/without case

With its distinctive housing structure and adjustable mechanism, any generation of iPhone fits in KEE Desk Phone Dock. Carefully designed space accepts your iPhone without removing iPhone case up to 2mm in thickness(iPhone 3G & 3GS).  Adjustable level supporter keeps iPhone stable.


KEE Desk Phone Dock’s sturdy base is made using highly processed aluminum which  offers great stability to prevent KEE Desk Phone Dock from moving around during use. SF coated main body gives soft feeling and scratch-free surface. Its quality design and materials create a highly sophisticated look and feel.

No outside physical switch

Unlike normal handsets, KEE Desk Phone Dock has no outside physical switch or lever. It works through a reed switch with magnets hidden inside of the handset. This makes it possible for you to switch easily from speaker phone mode to handset mode and vice versa.

Space & Arrangement

However large your desk is, we know you never have enough space. The handset cord arranges naturally beneath the inside space of the aluminum base. Power connector and USB port for charging and data sync are integrated into one connector box. This box is also an AC/DC adapter. Every element has been designed with your convenience in mind.

Extreme Beauty - Familiar but like no other.

KEE Desk Phone Dock is an innovative product with a whole new concept and design. Purposely modeled after a traditional wired phone, KEE Desk Phone Dock is comfortable and easy to use. We are sure this brand-new creation in the iPhone accessory market will simplify your life.

White & Black

KEE Desk Phone Dock is available in two different colors. The white version has a flat white SF coated main body and a bright silver aluminum base. The black version has a flat black SF coated main body and a blue-tinted dark grey aluminum base. The same color as your iPhone or the contrast, it’s your choice.